Sushiverse x Laya Mathikshara: The Galactic Sushi

We are incredibly proud and excited to announce our first limited edition collaboration with an insanely talented digital artist, Laya Mathikshara.

Artist Spotlight: Laya Mathikshara

Laya is world-renowned artist in the digital art world, with an extensive portfolio of artwork sold on leading platforms such as Foundation and Wazir X. She has also done a number of collaborations and her short film ‘Gratitude’ (also a minted NFT!) was screened at the 16th Busan International Kids and Youth Film Festival in July. More recently, she also created a typography and animation work that pays tribute to COVID-19 warriors, which was screened in theatres in New York City for the All-American High School Film Festival last month.

The collaboration pieces

The Galactic Sushi Limited Edition has 3 unique animated 3D artworks, with a total population of 100 Galactic Sushi landing (being minted) in our metaverse. Yes, we plan to integrate the collection into our gaming metaverse in the future!

Galactic Sushi #1: Smar

Galactic Sushi #2: Rausnu

Galactic Sushi #3: LeTurt

Details of airdrop

In the coming weeks leading up to Christmas, we will be releasing a series of 4 competitions that Gen Ichi holders can participate in to win an airdrop of 1/100 from the collection. One thing is for sure, these artworks are only ending up in the custody of ‘diamond hands’.

The best dressed Sushi in town (Ethereum Blockchain) with a side of attitude